Private Funding Sector COVID-19 Relief Funds now available, collateralized by any type of real estate (your own or someone else's) even if you were already approved or denied COVID-19 Funds from the Government.  All kinds of derogatory credit issues ok...NOT credit driven.


  • Funds deposited into your account.

  • First 3 months of payments escrow giving you time to start generating revenues, no payments until month 4.

  • Decision based on real estate value and pre-COVID-19 to support the debt.

  • Low payments, interest only for first 12 months.


  • Must have some type of real estate yours or someone else's (residential, commercial, land, industrial, parking lots, property under construction, timeshare, etc).

Best for:

  • Anyone  with access to any type of real estate listed in the "Cons" section above starting a business needing business funding.

  • Anyone needing to recover from the loss of a business or loss of revenues with access to any type of real estate listed in the "Cons" section above.

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Our 3 Step Process:

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1. Apply

Fill out our Quick Apply application.

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2. First Round

We then start the first round of challenging the credit bureaus in the unique ways that we do.

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3. Second Round & Funding

We complete the credit repair process if there are no pay downs needed and get you the funding you were denied or are in need of.